There were many creative ways of getting across the messages such as role playing, interactive group work, discussions. The program was very positively received by my team.”

Z Uzun-Yalim, VP Unilever

A massive positive energy and a capacity to ensure that everyone is fully engaged.”

J Mollenhauer
Marketing Director Unilever

Skills apply to virtually any marketing discipline – from PR to digital to advertising.”

R Goldblatt
SVP, M Booth & Associates

Refreshing & energetic.. like a breath of fresh air.”

C Kahaly
Shopper Marketing Team Lead, Unilever

Productive and engaging! Rich discussions and an outstanding moderator.”

A Martin, Lowe

Endless energy and a sharp sense of humor.”

R Goldblatt
SVP, M Booth & Associates

Diggi made the difference in the dynamic of these 3 days.”

T Merillo

Hooray for our uniquely human ability to “Connect the Dots”

Our advanced ability as a species to intentionally collaborate and create has got us out of the cave and into the car, out of animal skins and into astronaut suits. It has enabled all of humankind’s great successes including, of course, all the marvelous and magical marketing campaigns.

Unfortunately, less advanced parts of our wiring means we’re just as likely to jump to erroneous conclusions and unintentionally react in ways that are not in our best interests or our relationships. Human nature is a wonderful thing, but it is a double-edged sword.

The marketing industry
“Do as I Say, Not as I Do”

That sword is well and truly on display in the world of client - agency relationships, where the inbuilt power inequality only adds to the challenge. Given this, is it not ironic that the marketing industry - one that is based on understanding human nature - invests so little effort in applying that understanding to itself and how to work together to consistently create brilliantly effective work?

(If it did, do you seriously think there’d be such a rush to involve ‘procurement’. When it comes to the intangibles of human nature, we’d call that penny wise but pound foolish).

Improving Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) via People

That’s where we come in! We focus on improving your ROMI via smarter teamworking. We believe that ongoing investment in and respect for team and relationship is what ultimately determines how great the final idea, how brilliantly executed the campaign. Those who act on that stand to be the winners.

Whether it’s helping you connect existing dots to create a new, original idea, uniting with others to form productive relationships, or designing dynamic team experiences and training that lead to win win win outcomes, our goal is to help you connect the dots to make great things happen.