There were many creative ways of getting across the messages such as role playing, interactive group work, discussions. The program was very positively received by my team.”

Z Uzun-Yalim, VP Unilever

A massive positive energy and a capacity to ensure that everyone is fully engaged.”

J Mollenhauer
Marketing Director Unilever

Skills apply to virtually any marketing discipline – from PR to digital to advertising.”

R Goldblatt
SVP, M Booth & Associates

Refreshing & energetic.. like a breath of fresh air.”

C Kahaly
Shopper Marketing Team Lead, Unilever

Productive and engaging! Rich discussions and an outstanding moderator.”

A Martin, Lowe

Endless energy and a sharp sense of humor.”

R Goldblatt
SVP, M Booth & Associates

Diggi made the difference in the dynamic of these 3 days.”

T Merillo

A happy, long lasting Client-Agency relationship doesn’t happen by chance or great intention alone. Just like marriage, you’ve got to work at it, and it takes skill to succeed.

Our goal: to make your collaborative relationships rewarding personally, professionally, and financially.


The sooner you invest, the greater the reward. Build competence and confidence through learning & practice.

The World Class Client™

This is Client-Agency Collaboration 101: From principles to practice, learn the what, why and how of the mindset, behaviors and skills that can help you become a client that agencies want to over-deliver for. MORE

The Brilliant Briefer™

Spend focused time raising your game on this challenging but absolutely fundamental skill. Time and effort invested here will get paid back in mantime and money saved later. MORE

The Fantastic Feedbacker™

Learn simple steps and subtle skills to make judging work and delivering your feedback a win for both the client and the agency and keeps the momentum building in the right direction. MORE


Sometimes it takes a neutral 3rd party to help a relationship be all it can be and turn great promise into great results.

Client Agency Collaboration Day™

A day invested by the team reflecting on how to get the best out of each other will pay back big time. Call us in to get yours firing on all cylinders. MORE

Smart Start™
for a new relationship

Get it right before you have the chance to go wrong: our workshops aim to ground new client/agency teams in best practices and shared expectations upfront. MORE

Fresh Start™
for an existing relationship

Ever known things could be better, but not entirely sure how to change it? Let us facilitate a reboot that creates a newfound excitement for the future of your relationship. MORE