There were many creative ways of getting across the messages such as role playing, interactive group work, discussions. The program was very positively received by my team.”

Z Uzun-Yalim, VP Unilever

A massive positive energy and a capacity to ensure that everyone is fully engaged.”

J Mollenhauer
Marketing Director Unilever

Skills apply to virtually any marketing discipline – from PR to digital to advertising.”

R Goldblatt
SVP, M Booth & Associates

Refreshing & energetic.. like a breath of fresh air.”

C Kahaly
Shopper Marketing Team Lead, Unilever

Productive and engaging! Rich discussions and an outstanding moderator.”

A Martin, Lowe

Endless energy and a sharp sense of humor.”

R Goldblatt
SVP, M Booth & Associates

Diggi made the difference in the dynamic of these 3 days.”

T Merillo

From the sublime to the ridiculous, client and agency (mis)behavior and the wonderful world of marketing provide a never ending source of humor. Enjoy.

A splendid blog that contains stories of…well…clients from hell. Agency friends – I’m expecting some mad identification. Client friends….I hope you don’t!
Wickedly insightful cartoons and commentary on life in the marketing lane from the self styled ‘Marketoonist.’
Prepare to be offended


Designing The Stop Sign
A hilarious 4 min film about clients managing to commit every sin in the book in working with an agency to design the Stop sign. And just one more thing….

Make My Logo Bigger
What’s not to like about the products in this infomercial, whether it’s the Makemylogobigger cream , the Stardust Powder or the Emotionator….but wait, there’s more