There were many creative ways of getting across the messages such as role playing, interactive group work, discussions. The program was very positively received by my team.”

Z Uzun-Yalim, VP Unilever

A massive positive energy and a capacity to ensure that everyone is fully engaged.”

J Mollenhauer
Marketing Director Unilever

Skills apply to virtually any marketing discipline – from PR to digital to advertising.”

R Goldblatt
SVP, M Booth & Associates

Refreshing & energetic.. like a breath of fresh air.”

C Kahaly
Shopper Marketing Team Lead, Unilever

Productive and engaging! Rich discussions and an outstanding moderator.”

A Martin, Lowe

Endless energy and a sharp sense of humor.”

R Goldblatt
SVP, M Booth & Associates

Diggi made the difference in the dynamic of these 3 days.”

T Merillo

The good news – we all have brains ‘wired’ to be creative, connection machines. The bad news – they’re also ‘wired’ to avoid the danger of the new and unknown. The trick - arming the former, disarming the latter.

Our goal: Making it fun and safe for the weird and wonderful to emerge so the creative magic can happen!

Ideation Workshops

Our workshops are designed to deliver more than just great ideas – they are designed to strengthen people’s understanding, alignment and excitement around a challenge. They often act as step-change events for embedding collaborative behaviors in a team.

We work with you to design a session that will make best use of the precious time and talent in the room, whether a half day, full day or more – to develop the magic and momentum desired.

As relevant, we will secure a venue, add unexpected experience, invite creative ‘fresh eyes’ or related experts, and refine/blow out starter ideas after the session. We’re game for anything, but here are some of the kinds of sessions we’ve run:

Ideate to Accelerate™ Workshops

For clients and their IAT, our sessions help the team explore and clarify together where the power and potential in a ‘big idea’ lies, so that everyone leaves aligned, with stimulated minds, and ready to create great work the first time.

Agency Pitches

We can help pitch teams change things up to unlock the magic and make original connections that can get lost when the same people find themselves charged with coming up with ideas.

Virtual Ideation Sessions

We know how to successfully run ideation sessions where people aren’t all in the same room together – because we’ve done it. Save on travel costs, get the best brains ‘in the room.’

Creative ‘Creative Briefings’

We can help you set up and run your agency briefing as part ideation session that brings out the weirdness, wisdom and insight of the client team…because you just never know where the spark will come from, and the more interesting the stimulus, the more interesting the results.