The Dot Connectors
The Client-Agency Relationship Experts™

Connecting Dots



Connecting Dots

The Dot Connectors helps teams connect the dots to get the best out of the time, talent and treasure at their disposal. We have led over 300 workshops, in 18 countries, with 50+ famous brands since 1998.

Whether a custom program to solve a specific business problem, or one of our best practice workshops, we work to make teams work better together.


Relationship Health Check

F.U.E.L. Gauge™: For understanding how a relationship/team is doing, and what it needs from its leaders and members to perform at its best

Relationship On-boarding

F.U.E.L. UP™: Wire new teams and relationships for success FAST with expertly-designed kick-off activities that address critical questions (that usually aren’t)

Relationship Reset

Re-F.U.E.L.™: An objective, forward-looking intervention to get mis-firing relationships back on track and avoid unnecessary and costly RFPs

Start Smart & Stay on track

F.U.E.L. Up™ & Check™

Sustained high-performance team support that enables leaders and their teams to shine and grow, and finish planning/projects stronger

Harness the Magic Workshops

Expert design & delivery of high energy, collaborative sessions that bring out the best in the participants in service of the project goals

Applied Learning Action sessions

Project-/task-specific team workshops infused with best-practice inputs & practice to deliver stronger outcomes and smarter teams

Capability-building programs

Development and/or delivery of programs designed with the end in mind –successful application of learning when needed (i.e., not just a training session!)

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We know that every situation and group of people is unique.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive in working with our clients to figure out the smartest solutions to

their challenges based on the objectives, desired outcomes and specific constraints involved.

We are happy to play in any of the following modes:

* Plug and Play – working within our client’s approach/processes/content

* Adopt and Adapt – strengthening our client’s existing approach with proven best practices

* Create our Own – introducing a new approach