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Who We Are


Rewarding relationships lead to a rewarding life.

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We are people who believe…

Life is too short not to enjoy it. That’s why we make our sessions engaging, inspiring, and fun.

Our energy is our most valuable (and free) resource. That’s why we inject energy and passion into every project.

For best results, work with, not against, human nature. That’s why we teach what we teach, and why we teach it the way we do.

And last but not least, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.


DIGGI THOMSON, FOUNDER Diggi has15 years as a strategic brand marketer and leader at Unilever - first in the UK, then the US- and now 8+ years as a trainer, facilitator and consultant specializing in the world of client/agency collaboration. Client performance reviews have articulated that Diggi is regarded as an insightful, creative and conceptual thinker; an empathetic, open-minded listener, a dynamic and provocative speaker, moderator and teacher; and most commonly someone whose natural enthusiasm injects a positive energy into any workshop he leads.

EMILY SWET   Emily has spent her career finding creative ways to tell brand stories, both on the client and agency side. Having had views from both vantage points gives her insight to the unique needs, demands, and communication practices (and where they differ) on both sides of the relationship.