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Who We Are

Who We Are


Diggi Thomson


The "Client" Perspective

15 years as a strategic brand marketer and leader at Unilever - first in the UK, then the US- and now 8+ years as a trainer, facilitator and consultant specializing in the world of client/agency collaboration.

Client performance reviews have articulated that Diggi is regarded as an insightful, creative and conceptual thinker; an empathetic, open-minded listener, a dynamic and provocative speaker, moderator and teacher; and most commonly someone whose natural enthusiasm injects a positive energy into any workshop he leads.

Gene Tiernan


The "Agency" Perspective

Gene started his career building brands in the cable television industry, partnered with pioneers to blaze trails in the emerging digital marketing space, and then led agencies and client teams across all media, above-, below-, and through-the-line, working in verticals that include CPG, Telecom, Entertainment, Financial Services, Travel, Automotive, and more.

Gene's varied experiences give him unique perspective on how to build inter-agency teams upon a foundation of respect, so that they deliver great work, together.

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